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Maurice Makes a Difference...

Sandra Siegel, RN,LCPC,Psy.D.

Associate Professor

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

I am very honored to know Maurice Hayes personally as his mentor and professionally as a board member of the HV Neighborhood Transformation program. Maurice is dedicated to the development of a program that reaches out to young people in the “hood,” and guides them to a more positive place. Maurice  grew up in the inner city of Chicago where historical and current daily trauma are the norm, where there are few resources to support the community, including physical and mental health, substance use, education, job opportunities, and even healthy food. Yet Maurice found his way through this, it was a difficult journey, but through his strong spiritual beliefs, persistence, and dedication to help others he has created this innovative program to help young men transform into productive adults. Prevention is the key to seeing real community change and Maurice has the intelligence and creativity and experience to make this happen.

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